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Building on a family legacy, with an eye to the future.

Proudly professional, experienced and creative

Meet Cam & Becky Vernon

Raised on a farm full of equipment, and introduced to construction and civil industry at an early age, Cam Vernon has never stopped learning and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. Cam and Becky started Vernon Developments in 2013, believing they could elevate the quality and service offered by the industry.

From working as a qualified builder, to trade retail accounting and management, and an understanding of earthmoving, civil works and property development, Cam has a diverse skill set and is proud to provide a high standard on every job. Vernon Developments has a well earned reputation as the go-to for difficult jobs. The team thrive on a challenge and get stuck in with creative problem solving solutions, including modifying equipment to get it just right. 

Becky is hands on in every part of the business, from working in the office to getting on the machinery. She holds all truck licenses, is skilled on a digger and understands all the logistics required in getting a job completed.

Cam and Becky are both readily available to speak with clients, and their solid team approach means whoever answers the phone knows the ins and outs of every project and service division. They take time to listen to clients' needs, and can appreciate and empathise with different perspectives, which is an asset in getting jobs completed to all parties satisfaction.

Building a great team

Vernon Developments' small, hands on team have regular training and a culture of learning from one other is actively encouraged, enabling a consistent quality on every project. Staff across the cartage, earthmoving and aggregate divisions have the same licenses to operate all trucks and machinery, so resources can be drawn from different departments giving the organisation as a whole an enviable agility to get jobs done.

No job too big or small

As a small business, Vernon Developments draw on their networks to deliver projects of any scale. Cam and Becky are actively involved and respected in their local community and by the wider industry. A strong work ethic, good attitude and willingness to offer hands on support when needed means they have good relationships and a wide and willing network to draw on - so they can always find the right subcontractor support needed for any job. 

They are discerning about who they work with, to ensure any partners and subcontractors deliver the same level customer service and quality work they expect from their own team.

An eye on the next generation

Vernon Developments is a family business, and becoming parents strengthened Cam and Becky’s conviction that the way their industry operated needed to become more sustainable. Cam’s rural upbringing saw him helping out with agricultural environmental planting on the family farm, ingraining a strong sustainability ethos that he has carried into his own business.

Through their cartage and construction experience they saw the scale of waste created by the construction industry, and recognised how much could be recycled, leading the development of the innovative recycled aggregate division of Vernon Developments. Cam and Becky believe the industry can change and that they are in a position to contribute to a more sustainable world for their children and following generations.