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Moving towards a more sustainable construction industry

Aggregate recycling diverts construction waste from landfill, reduces demand on virgin product and creates a quality, cost effective alternative.

Vernon Developments are industry leaders in the production of recycled aggregates.

We have developed equipment and processes to make the most of aggregate waste that was being underutilised or destined for landfill, creating an affordable, high quality product.

In our mission to reuse and recycle as much product as possible, this service is accessible to contractors of any size.

Our recycled aggregate products

A pile of crushed aggregate exported from the crushing machine

Crushed Aggregate

We recycle any product used as a form of hard fill material in civil works or construction, and recycle it into crushed aggregates in a range of specs, from base course to fines (100 mm to 7 mm) and chip material.

We accept clean aggregates, with no contamination or reinforcing, for a small surcharge to encourage recycling. We sell wholesale directly to civil, industrial, commercial and residential construction clients.

Concrete Products: CC100, CC65, CC40, CC20, CAP7, CC100/40, CC40/7 Drainage

A pile of recycled Bitumen Aggregate


We take used bitumen based aggregate waste, reprocess it, and sell it as a new, more efficient bitumen product for use in roading and construction. We produce a variety of membrane chip and RAP aggregate, which is used in chip seal or asphalt manufacturing, and our VD range of bitumen based aggregate hard fill. 

This product is different to conventional aggregate, with different stability parameters and greater ease of repairs. It is ideal for use in a rural or commercial environment.

Bitumen Products: VD40, VD20, Premium RAP10, Recycled 20/10

Other Products We Recycle: GAP20, GAP7, 7/10 Membrane Chip

"We want to encourage recycling and reusing throughout the construction industry, from civil works, engineering and roading firms, to commercial and residential construction."

Cam & Becky Vernon

278,742 tonnes

Recycled July 21 - April 24.

We collect

Through Vernon Developments cartage division we collect clean aggregate waste from construction sites for recycling.

We accept

Small and large deliveries of clean construction waste materials at our Drury site for recycling - some carry a surcharge, depending on type and cleanliness.

We sell

Our range of recycled aggregates are sold directly to contractors and construction firms from our location in Drury, and we can deliver to site on request.

Where it started

Better for business, better for the future.

Vernon Developments cartage division was regularly hauling a significant volume of construction waste to landfill. Seeing the scale of waste dumped on a daily basis gave a graphic illustration of a problem facing both the industry and the sustainable future of the country we are proud to call home. As natural problem solvers, we started to look at how we could be part of the solution.

While there were already players in the recycled aggregate space, we realised we needed to develop ways to make the recycled product more affordable so it would become a product of choice. We secured the right equipment for the job and through an extensive process of trial and error, including making modifications to the factory machinery, we have developed proprietary processes that produce high quality, competitively priced aggregate products.

Cam and Becky Vernon looked towards the Aggregate recycling equipment operating


“Vernon Developments did an excellent job using their recycled aggregate to quickly re-profile our yard to make it suitable for heavy traffic. I would certainly recommend the services they provide” 

Stu Cowdell. Atom Heavy Hire

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